My Favourite Cookery Books

I have literally hundreds of cookery books. Some are more for reading then for cooking from, some rather esoteric and interesting, some more basic and useful. All have their place in my library. This is a selection of my favourites. If you click through on the link, most of these will take to Amazon where you can read lots of other people's reviews.

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Fabulous book about Scandinavian cookery. I particularly like the simplest dishes, that I always forget to make. Things like apple compote! I love Skye Gingell's cookery. Really uncomplicated so the flavours come through clear and proud. Her recipe for Pork Belly is the best I have ever tried. Ruth Watson writes highly enjoyable cookery books, this one has some excellent Oriental style dishes, with brilliant ideas for how to serve them both to people trying to lose weight, and to their partners who may not be. And anyway this book is worth every penny for the chocolate souffle recipe - entitled (with great feeling) Sod It. I have had my copy of this since it first came out in 1983, and it is still the one I turn to for basics and old standards. Simple to follow, and usually bombproof. The 20th Century Mrs. Beeton.
Dan gives instructions for his short knead process in this book. This is the easiest way to knead and has brilliant results. If you want a bread book for day to day baking this is the one to get. Catherine has some really interesting new recipes in this book about saving money and time with a pressure cooker. She cooks all sorts of things in her pressure cooker that I would have balked at before. I use my pressure cooker all the time, and I can really recommend this for some lively new ideas and new insights.

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