Saturday, 21 March 2015

Just the simple things.... Total Fruyo Coconut Yoghurt, apple sauce, hazelnuts...

Sometimes the simple things are just perfect.

I have plans to make something elaborate, something witty, clever.... something.... hip.

I have Total Yoghurt's newest addition to their Fruyo range - full cream Total Greek Classic yoghurt with coconut shreds.  I need fruit to go with it.... I have mango. I have pineapple. I am planning a stunning, artistic plate with daisy like petals of golden fruit..... meh... too much work. Maybe another time.

Today I am feeling lazy. With simple tastes.

I have a Bramley apple. Chopped and into a small bowl. A splash of cider and into the microwave for 3 minutes until fluffy and hot. Whip up into a pale, sharply sweet puree.  Into a shallow stemmed glass. A matter of seconds.

Top carefully with half a pot of Fruyo. Eat the rest whilst admiring the glass (which is an Edwardian crystal champagne coupe by the way... ).  Yumyum.

It needs something ... it's looking a little pale.... roasted hazelnut nibs from the cupboard.

And as I am deeply artistic on the inside, a slice of apple, cut across the middle to show the delicate star of its inside.


with thanks to Total Greek yoghurt for the sample of Fruyo Classic Coconut