Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Thane's April Foolery

I have started to go again to Thane Prince's Cook Book Club - hurray!!

I missed it so much, but after a rather nasty accident on the way back in November, I had decided not to drive at night until the summer (if at all...) and didn't fancy public transport to Islington during the winter. But Spring has started to spring, and the nights are longer, so I'm back!

If you don't know about Thane's fabulous Cook Book club, it is in the first week of each month and is held at The Draper's Arms in Islington. We bring food to share, books to read from and talk about, and mouths to natter with. A great time is always had by all. (You can find details each month on Facebook and Twitter:  @TPCookBookClub on Twitter, with both a public page and a members only group (for the people who regularly come to the club)  for information on Facebook.)

April was held on April 1st, so what better theme than foolery? To be interpreted as loosely as anyone could wish.  

We were a relatively small group this time (the numbers vary dramatically depending on what is happening in everyone's lives) but small is beautiful. The food and people certainly were :D .

There were more people , and more food, but by then I was in nattering mode.. which is why you go to a club isn't it!!  So hello Kate and Naomi! and thank you all for welcoming me back as your prodigal daughter :)


  1. I look like a proper lush, Lynne...knocking back the vino!! It's a lovely start to each month I must agree and great to have met so many new and like-minded people too xx

  2. I should have taken more pics Rachel, I only had the ones with you actually swigging it down by the gallon, or raising a cheer! :D Everyone knows you are terribly serious and would NEVER be lush EVER EVER EVER ... #OhYeah... :D\

    After all the times I didn't drink at all, Thane is still shocked that I will have a drink now, as the bus driver is now the one to stay stone cold sober!